Shawnee National Forest: Spring

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I got a photo printer the other day and decided to print a photo zine.  I’m starting with a book called Shawnee National Forest: Spring which collects some of my favorite Shawnee Forest spring photos.






Virtual Painting

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Le Mont St Michel

This is a photograph taken from a computer game of Mont St. Michel Commune Island in France.  I saw this place from the Tour de France last year, it’s truly amazing.  The 3D model of the location is amazingly detailed.  I took this photograph then did some simple editing in Photoshop adding a canvas texture and doing a bit of blending, then added the frame.  The weakest part of the simulation is the border between the water and sky, its far to harsh.  Would have been easy to fix but didn’t realize it until I started looking at photographs.

I Painted a DEER

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I decided to do a painting of a deer and searched google images for a deer.  I narrowed down my search to a few and showed them to my wife and she picked this painting.  I printed out the photo and got to work.  I never really considered where the image came from.  It was an excellent painting and was signed C.S. Forrest but thats all I knew about it.  My attitudes about art have changed alot in the last few years.  I used to resist copying others work, I used to say it was a waste of time, not creative.  I’m now more of the mind that copying from others is one of the best ways to learn and make beautiful art at the same time.  I wish I’d done it more.

Now the tricky thing is Copyright protection.  If an artist copywrites their work I can’t legally make a copy of it without their permission, even if the copy would never leave my basement it still breaking the law.  I’ve never been to worried about copyright in the past and it never crossed my mind that the artist who painted this would still be around, watching the internet.  It blows my mind that somehow she managed to find this post where I copied her painting.

Her name is Crista Forest and she does wonderful wildlife art, you can check out her work on her webpage

Thanks Crista for giving me the opportunity to correct my post.

IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2367

A Photo a Day From My Archive: Day 5

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Well It’s Day 5, two more days to go, unless I extend the project.  I’m quickly running through my favorite photographs.  This is one of my all time favorites.  I was studying African art at the time and was fascinated by these things called Fetishes, where a wooden figured would be covered with screws nails and bits of stabby metal.  I tried making my own with an orange?  Maybe its a statement on heart burn?

T-Max 400 film printed in my home darkroom, photo taken with my trusty Nikon F2AS.  I sold the F2AS years ago to a fellow in Australia for 800 bucks, it was the finest camera I’d ever owned, though My Canon 1D Mark 1 isn’t far behind.  If only I could replace the sensor with something newer.


Photo a Day From My Archives: Day 4

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When I began using my DCS 520 I was kind of depressed about the resolution.  The camera was a bit less then 2 Mega Pixels, which really wasn’t a problem unless shooting detailed landscapes with a wide lens.  I read a page about image stitching and was fascinated an started trying my own.  This is a few of Jenny Ridge from the current site of the Eagle River Mine, when I took this it was just a hill, now the hill has been replaced with a coal mine and a giant strip cut.

HDR photography hadn’t broke out yet, but I tried running this photo through the HDR filter on photoshop.  I was surprised that even the ancient DCS 520 sensor captured some detail in the sensor, though it’s more noise then anything.  Makes for a trippy picture.


Photo a Day From My Archive: Day 3

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This may be favorite photo, or at least my favorite of my own. Camera was Nikon F2AS, Kodak T-Max 400, developed and printed in home darkroom.

Photo a Day From My Archives: Day 2

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This is taken at Garden of the God’s in the Shawnee National Forest in 2004.  It’s not a true HDR photography, but it has seen extensive tweaking in photoshop.  The camera was a Kodak DCS 520 a very early dSLR that I bought used from ebay.  The rock formation pictured is called Camel Rock and probably one of the most well known images of The Shawnee National Forest.  When I first made this photo I thought the lens flair was cool, now I wish it wasn’t there.